10 Good Reasons Why Law Enforcement Employers
Count on the BRAINS™ Assessment

  1. Standardized discovery of personal history.  
  2. Assess applicant candor and consistency.   
  3. Explore criminality, substance use, integrity, employment stability, and more.  
  4. Evaluate applicant time conscientiousness, keyboarding skills, and written expressiveness.   
  5. ADA / Title VII / GINA compliant.   
  6. “Screen in” applicants with good potential,  and “rule out” those with serious problems.   
  7. Jumpstart background interviews / investigations, with up to 50% time and manpower savings.
  8. Securely and immediately access applicant BRAINS reports via FMRT online.   
  9. Inform post-offer poly-graph, psychological, and medical evaluations.
  10. Confidence in making the best possible decisions about early-process applicants.