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  1. What is the BRAINS™ Assessment?
  2. Why was the BRAINS™ Assessment developed?
  3. Why gather biographical and historical information early in the hiring process?
  4. Why is the BRAINS™ an online assessment? video
  5. Does the administration of the BRAINS™ Assessment require “proctoring?”video
  6. What is in the BRAINS™ reports?video
  7. How do different agencies and employers use the BRAINS™ Assessment and reports? video
  8. What are the federal laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring? video
  9. How does the BRAINS™ Assessment comply with laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring? video
  10. What are the costs associated with using the BRAINS™ Assessment?video
  11. How does my agency start using the BRAINS™ Assessment?video